PAGB Inter Federation Competition 2021 Success

Mating pair of Banded Demoiselles

In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned that one of the images I entered into the KCPA PDI Exhibition 2021, was chosen to be entered into the PAGB Inter Federation Competition 2021, by the KCPA.

The KCPA asked three of their Premier Judges to help select the images they would put forward for the competition, from the accepted KCPA PDI Exhibition 2021 images.

The PAGB Inter-Federation Competition is held each June. This year due to Covid-19 regulations only Projected images were allowed.

The competition was judged on Sunday 6th June 2021 and three judges marked each image out of five, with a maximum score of 15.  The judging was shown live over Zoom.

There were some fantastic images entered and I am pleased to be able to say my image scored 13 out of 15 and was accepted 🙂

I must say this has made my year.